Friday, July 2, 2010

Slow sailing.

But that's the point. Slowing down. Building a sailboat is a slow process. And tonight i just hit my favorite part. I'm out of materials. I'm also out of things to do with the materials i have. So, i get to buy more stuff!!! Yippeeee.. With this being my 30th post and finally running out of stuff I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know where my first $50 in lumber got me and about 5 dollars of t88 structural epoxy. To date i have ripped, re-oriented, laminated, planed, traced, cut out, sanded, and matched:

side and bottom frame members 2 & 3
bottom frame members 4

I have frames 1, 5, and the transom to go.

To date I have about 10 hours in so far. Much of that is ripping, laminating, and planing. My recommendation
is if you can find vertical grain wood. use it. It would have saved me at least 6 hours. Now that i have a system in place it won't take nearly as long.

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