Sunday, August 15, 2010

New look, New Stuff!!

In my never ending quest to learn more about boat building and pass it on to the three people that might be reading this I've added a "store" to the blog. It's a widget at the bottom left that links to amazon and gives me a very small kickback on the stuff i suggest buying. The real reason I'm doing it is as an easy way to tell you what I'm using to build this boat, and give suggestions on the types of tools you may want to consider using to build your own boat. If you choose to buy through the store I set up or not is up to you. It's just to help everyone out by showing them what i think works well. I don't have everything in it yet. For example, the power plane is the next tool I would like to get, but i actually found the same one is a bit cheaper including tax at Home Depot. Oh, I also made the site look better. woo! Goodnight

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