Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our first project!

This is Sarah, I'm Adam's wife. I haven't done a whole lot with the boat, but I gotta tell you. I don't think Adam has ever been SO excited to do something! Despite the dust, which is being kept out of my house ;) this is a fun project. And like he has been telling you, farely inexpensive. It makes sense, we live 15 minutes from the ICW. I just thought I would chime in my thoughts about this wonderful project. By the way, I'm the wonderful photographer. :) Doing a project like this is good therapy. Even though I just stand here and watch, it's something Adam and I can do together. It's not his thing, or my thing...it's our thing. And when we finish it, it will be OUR boat, that we built TOGETHER. It's a nice feeling. And we don't ever have to worry about whether or not we will have something to do on our day off or not. I will suggest to invest in a fan or window A/C because it gets HOT in the workshop!! But, at least the dust is staying out of my house! lol.

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